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What is the Irlen Method?

girl testing glasses The Irlen Method has been used for nearly 30 years to identify and help people with Irlen Syndrome. The Irlen Method determines which Irlen coloured overlays and precision-tinted Irlen Spectral Filter lenses produce the most effective elimination of symptoms. The Irlen Method is a two-step process:

Step One: Diagnostic Session - Irlen Screening

This session determines whether Irlen Syndrome is the problem, how severe the condition is and whether Irlen coloured overlays can help reduce or eliminate difficulties.

Step Two: Treatment Session - Irlen Lens Tint Assessment

For individuals who show moderate to significant improvement with Irlen coloured overlays, the second  session will be recommended. This involves using a limitless number of Irlen colour filter combinations to identify the precise wavelengths of light which will help to overcome the visual processing difficulties. THis assessment is carried out not only in the area of reading, but in other areas identified as difficult including in sunlight, with glare and depth perception.

This second session is extremely important as the Irlen colour tint worn as glasses is not the same as the Irlen overlay colour. Wearing the wrong tinted lenses, even if only slightly different from the colour required, can cause additional or increased visual stress and perceptual problems.

This is why the Irlen Method is only carried out by certified Irlen Diagnosticians.