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Recognition in Australia

Recognition in Education

Unfortunately school systems in Australia have not yet officially caught up with nearly 30 years of research and the knowledge base that extends now to SPECT Scans and genetic studies. They have been slow to accept this very cost effective and minimally invasive approach can improve the educational outcomes for a very large proportion of students with learning difficulties and those who are underachieving. The Irlen Method can ease the teaching burden at relatively little cost. An increasing number of progressive schools and individual teachers are recognising the importance of using Irlen Spectral Filters within the classroom environment.

AAIC members see approximately 10,000 children and adults each year who report symptoms of Irlen Syndrome. Each month over 1000 sets of Irlen Spectral Filters are prescribed throughout Australasia.

Parents report feelings of anger, disappointment and frustration at the school system's apparent unwillingness to advise that an Irlen Screening may be useful. Mostly they have been told that their child will not achieve to the level of their peers, because they are immature, lazy, lack the effort required or need more practice. Parents are often told they should read more to their children, even though most have already been doing that. 

Students with Irlen Syndrome often give up after years of limited success in the classroom, lack of self-confidence and low self-esteem. This can be prevented if students are identified in their early years of schooling.  But it is never too late, identification at any age is just as important.

Adult clients regularly regret the 10 - 20 years or more of opportunities missed or avoided, not knowing why they were unable to achieve their true potential.

What are the advantages of early identification?

  • Children can benefit from instruction from "Day 1"
  • Schools increase literacy levels - eg NAPLAN
  • Government improve literacy results quickly (3 months)
  • Fewer children "withdraw" or "give up" on education
  • Reduced behaviour problems related to Irlen Syndrome – reduced need for specialist learnign or behaviour programs
  • Teachers have fewer children with academic problems in their classrooms – easier teaching and learning
  • Reduced need for Special Education support by up to 50%
  • Raised results of 12% of individuals with no reading difficulties, who are not achieving to potential

What are the advantages in the workplace?

  • Increased - Productivity, Output, Accuracy, Attention, Motivation, Morale
  • Reduced - Workplace related stress, Absenteeism, Errors, Frustration, Health issues e.g migraines



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