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Irlen Syndrome and computers

People with Irlen syndrome often experience difficulties when using computers for long periods. Irlen lenses removed the visual stress and made it easier to do computer work.

This young girl has struggled with her reading all through primary school

This young girl has struggled with her reading all through primary school. She has not been able to practise reading, as she has not been able to see the words clearly. Now in her first year at high school, she will be able to practise and get better at reading, because with her Irlen lenses, the words look clearer for her now.

A teenager reading with and without coloured lenses.

This teenager has been struggling with all schoolwork despite trying really hard in everything she does. Her struggles are the result of her having difficulty reading from a very young age and nobody being able to identify why. Eventually, she came to the Irlen Clinic and was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome and her reading fluency increased immediately. She is much more confident now in her ability to read.

Chelsea – Coffs Harbour NSW

The Irlen lenses with the optical prescription have made a priceless change in my everyday life and educational activities. In TAFE it is so much easier watching and reading the PowerPoint’s during our tutorials, the projector isn’t moving as much and I have only had one headache reading from the text book in business studies. Everything is easier to take in.

I was waiting in the car park at the shopping centre the other night. The car park seemed to be flashing with all its colourful lights and all the cars were driving past with headlights on. I was looking around with my lenses on and everything was fine. I could read the advert on the digital sign. I decided to take the glasses off to compare, and straight away everything was really bright and covered in halos. Everything looked much more hectic, all the lights were glowing, it was a lot more to take in and I could barely make out what the sign had changed to.

Rosie C – Victoria

My Irlen lenses are going fan-bloody-tastic! My exams went brilliantly; I managed 91% in Primary Industries which equates to a band 6! Everything has changed since Irlen lenses! I can now read comfortably, I remember more, it doesn’t hurt me to read, I can drive better, I have more balance and sense of direction, my headaches have lessened, my eyes aren’t as dry, I can actually look at a grid book without wanting to burn it and I can read graphs straight across without mixing rows or columns!

I literally have no idea how I lived before these lenses, they have just made my life 100% better in all kinds of ways. I don’t avoid school now, in fact I haven’t skipped a day this term. Words cannot describe how much of a difference they have made to my life, I feel like I can actually live now! I feel my performance at school and in things like junior sheep judging has significantly improved, to the point where I believe that without them I wouldn’t have placed Reserve Champion at this year’s Australasian National Final if it wasn’t for these Irlen lenses!

Thank you so much for diagnosing me Bec, after all the doctors’ appointments and brain scans and years of illness and pain to finally know what’s wrong is a blessing, and I don’t know what I would do without my lenses!

Alex – Scotts Head NSW

The Irlen lenses are really wonderful for Chet and he keeps thanking me for them! His reading has improved so much and writing is so much easier for him now. He is doing large amounts of writing in one hit as opposed to a couple of sentences and a meltdown. Home schooling is working well for us at the moment as Chet is catching up on a lot of stuff. I still have to push him to get him going with school but once he gets going he does really well compared with before. Reading is not so stressful for him and I can understand what you said about him having to practice some of the basics so his brain can catch up.

The W Family- Victoria

Matthew is 10 years old and he has suffered from migraines since he was five years old. He screams in pain for hours, vomits and finds it hard to keep pain killers down long enough to help because of the vomiting. He is very light sensitive, needing to wear hats and sunglasses to manage glare and light exposure as they trigger his migraines. He was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome in early 2014 and has since been wearing his Irlen Spectral Filters each day. Since acquiring his special lenses, he has not had a migraine.

Tracie – Victoria

My son Zachary is my 8 year old son who has some anger and concentration issues. Keeping him under some control particularly during shopping trips or after school was a nightmare. He was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome early 2014.

Early on after his Irlen Lenses arrived my mother-in-law asked if I thought the glasses were helping. I had to say I hadn’t really observed any difference. A week later Zachary left his glasses in the classroom at the end of the day and I had go to the shops after school. He did not have his glasses whilst shopping and it was this day upon which I vowed he would never be without his glasses again! When we went shopping Zachary touched absolutely
everything he could see, took things off shelves and almost bounced off the walls. His overstimulation from all the light, colours, shapes and noises produced an uncontrollable whirl wind of arms, legs and vocal demands.

Since we have had the Irlen Filters and he wears them all of the time, he has become a typical 8 year old in the supermarket (I had not consciously realised this even though prior to glasses, it was not a pleasant experience). Now he just walks beside the trolley, talks about what he was looking at and may ask nicely for a lollipop.

Karen McIntosh 2014

My 1st hour

OMG… all I can say, after struggling for years with all the headaches, watering eyes, lack of concentration, reading issues, pain of using a computer, writing difficulties, sun glare etc.etc., within an hour it was all gone.

When I got my Irlen lenses I had had a migraine for 2 days. Approximately one hour after receiving my lenses I was driving home and realised that my migraine had totally gone, and I was also driving home with no sun glasses. I was totally surprised by both as I had never driven without sunnies in the 21 years I have held a licence.

My 1st week

I can now watch TV without my eyes constantly watering; I can do my job (office manager) without eye strain and that feeling of pulling muscles behind my eyes . I have not needed to take a break from my work to rest my eyes. My concentration is better and I get less frustrated. Sunlight is no longer the devil and I can also enjoy a book.

My 1st month

I can’t believe that life can be so easy, having my Irlen lenses has made me realise how hard my body worked just to do the simplest things, the things that are taken for granted. I am certainly looking forward to a future without headaches and with balance…LOL. Thank you, I will be forever grateful.

Pat- South Coast of NSW

Once I picked my Irlen Lenses up I wore them for the first time on the drive home. Basically I laughed all the way home. The difference was instant and amazing. I could read my speedometer super fast, felt so much more relaxed – just everything seemed calmer. I could type faster and read faster. I have also just paid my car registration bill online and in the past I had to read the receipt number, my VISA card number and the Account Number 6 times each. However today I just read each number just once and once more for good measure – no issues at all.

Well it is almost a month since I started wearing my “Rose Tinted” glasses. What a profound difference, I have hardly taken them off. I have only had 1 partial migraine – due to wine… in all that time which is unheard of when I normally get 1 or 2 migraines a week. My driving confidence has improved dramatically and my overall fatigue has massively reduced. The Irlen Lenses have just killed off all the noise, glare and bombardment to the eyes and I just felt really calm. Driving at dusk is much easier now. It was something I used to avoid at all costs but, now it is something I can do.

Trinette – Coffs Harbour NSW

Justin has had his Irlen lenses for around 3-4 weeks now, again going to out of class for reading groups for half an hour each day, the same as he has done since year 1. He is now in year 4, after repeating year 3. His reading teacher is also giving extra help one on one with his spelling. I asked her the other day how he was going. She said since he received his glasses (remember she’s been seeing him since year 1) she had seen a marked improvement not only with his reading but with his spelling and concentration levels.
Justin has a list of around 14 words to learn and spell each week. He used to get most of these wrong. As of last week he only got one wrong and he is on top of the world!

His class also has a Smart Board that is used 90% of the time. He now says he can see it, he never says he has a headache after school and hardly ever complains about doing his homework, and that includes 10 minutes of reading.

So once a sceptic about the Irlen lenses, I’m now a believer. I thank you so much, you have given Justin new confidence and a willingness to learn. After school is such a pleasure now.

Kyle Attwell

My eyes would become sore from doing work on white paper and my vision was blurred, I had to rub or close my eyes for a few seconds to recover my vision to read and write again. My blue Irlen coloured overlay helps with my reading and writing; the white paper is not bright on my eyes and I don’t get headaches as often as I used to.

Toby – Central West NSW

The symptoms of Irlen I experience are- losing track when reading, having to read multiple times before I can remember what I have read and having the words blur. Knowing that I have Irlen Syndrome is strange because I did not know anything about Irlen Syndrome before. I had a lot of headaches during class which lead to me being in a bad mood, which then got me in trouble with the teachers. The differences the correct Irlen coloured overlay makes are – the words are a lot easier to read and it makes the paper easier for my eyes to look at, which helps me memorize what I read more quickly than I would normally. I also feel more comfortable with my ability to have a go and try to spell words. Overall I am very grateful that I got to be tested for Irlen Syndrome.

Jeremy – Central West NSW

When I use the Irlen coloured overlay it improves the speed of my reading, I can follow the text more easily and therefore I can read aloud more confidently without tripping over the words.

Mandy Champion

The difference the Irlen lenses have made to Trinity is amazing. The first day, getting ready for school once he got his glasses, started as every other day previously, he was hesitant to get ready and grumpy. Getting home from school that day he was much happier than normal and since then, there has been a huge difference. He is more organised of a morning and happy, not dragging his feet to get ready or crying over little things as used to happen.
When he gets home he is calmer, happier, smiles more and actually plays with his sister instead of treating her as a nuisance. He enjoys his reader and spelling whereas before I had to fight with him to get him to do them. He is taking pleasure in seeing the difficulty level of his readers increase – over the holidays he had level ‘6’ readers to practice on and yesterday after just one week of wearing his glasses he bought home and read relatively easily a level 11 reader.

Trinity knows himself that the Irlen glasses are making his life easier and happier. He is enjoying school much more and his confidence boost is evident in something as small as playing football with some of the boys he didn’t mix with much before. I am looking forward to seeing him continue to excel with his school work and love that he now has enthusiasm and pride in his ability and work. I believe he now has a bright future ahead of him and that the Irlen lenses have opened his world to allow him to reach the high levels of achievement he has the intelligence for.

Richards WJ Francis – Campaspe College of Adult Education [CCAE] Victoria

Students are encouraged to adjust computer settings and use coloured overlays to assist interpretation of words and diagrams. These simple actions are enabling the students to pursue educational and work pathways they would previously have thought impossible to undertake. When the students apply the simple techniques we currently use to ameliorate their spectral light sensitivity, they realise that they have the capacity and ability to:

  • See diagrams and texts clearly without distortion;
  • Read and write at a relatively normal pace;
  • Comprehend the words they have read.

The most notable change in the student behaviour has been a marked improvement in their attention span and afternoon attendance. With the adoption of our class Visual Perceptual Dyslexia strategies, the students seem to have more mental energy and we have far less complaints about feeling tired, headaches and work overload. Teachers have reported improvements in behaviour, including students self-managing frustration and time-out techniques for re-engagement in challenging work.

With the nature of the Visual Perceptual Dyslexia identified, Campaspe College has engaged students in a variety of reading, writing and comprehension tasks to challenge and extend their educational and training abilities and the majority of the students are seeking to extend themselves.

Sharon – Coffs Harbour NSW

When Jake was in Year Four he was diagnosed with Irlen Syndrome by Nerida Crowe. Jake has been wearing Irlen lenses for four years; he is now in Year 8 in high school. The changes these lenses have brought Jake have not only been in the classroom; Jake has confidence in himself which was not there when he was younger and he no longer calls himself dumb.

When Jake started high school I was worried that he would not be able to keep up with his peers, this has not been a problem; in fact Jake has made outstanding progress at high school and has surprised both himself and us. Jake is now the top of the class for Maths and received an award form Maths at the Presentation Night last year.

Jake is reading everyday for pleasure which is something that I never thought I would see him do, after struggling for so long with reading; he is also keen to complete the Premiers Reading Challenge. Jake wears his glasses everyday because he knows they work and are helping him.

Irlen Syndrome and confidence

This mother is overjoyed at her son’s success at school after he received his Irlen Lenses. He was reading very slowly and was unable to finish copying his work from the board before he got his lenses. His lenses have enabled him to focus more on his words, read more fluently and copy from the board in a more timely fashion.

Irlen Syndrome and Irlen lenses

Irlen lenses help where other treatments have not.